MeridianNow that you have decided to move away from Meridian, the next step is to start preparing. Before contacting a moving company, make sure to gather any useful information about the size of the move. They will be able to provide you an accurate estimate by compiling all of the details. Inform the company of objects that will require special tools to transport.


Make Moving Safe for Children

In some cases, children can be very useful for getting a move accomplished. Smaller children are better left out of the moving scene. Infants and toddlers should be closely looked after in an area away from workers.

During a move you will find things that you haven’t seen in many years, your child might also find something interesting as well. While you’re packing, make sure to keep them out of the room you will be pulling apart. Always pack up one room at a time, block off electrical outlets and keep chemicals out of reach.


Have a Garage Sale

As you are going through the old boxes in the attic you’ll probably find many things that you no longer want. By having a garage sale, you can make some of the money back that you’ll spend on moving services. You can also advertise items online if you are trying to purge your house before a move.


Storage Solutions

Some moving companies in Meridian can provide storage space. If you have items that you do not wish to sell or weren’t able to get rid of before the move, you can place them in a temporary holding facility. There are climate controlled storage units for items such as leather or wood which are sensitive to humidity.


Moving Major Appliances

Trying to move refrigerators, washers and dryers without taking the necessary precautions can lead to losses. Always be sure to provide extra attention to the items because they are probably included as the most expensive items on your packing list. Don’t leave preparing these items to the day of transportation.

Make sure that you allow your dishwasher a few days to air dry. Disconnect all of the hoses and let them dry as well. Once the hoses and the dishwasher are both dry, place the hoses inside of the dishwasher and close the door. You will also need to disconnect the hoses from your washer and let them dry as well.

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