East Providence- RIThe time has come where moving is inevitable and you’re not sure whether you should try to move on your own or hire a company. Well, it is usually always best to hire a reputable mover out of the area. East Providence has many reputable moving companies in and nearby the city. Find one that offers the services you need and make sure they are a reputable mover by researching online and reading the company’s reviews and ratings.

When you have finally booked a date with a mover, it is time to prepare. Preparing for the big day is a must if you intend on avoiding any possible hiccups along the way. There is a lot to address when it comes to a move and by staying on top of it all, the moving process should go along without a hitch.


Get Ready to Move

Below are some wonderful tips to help you prepare better for your move. The best way to assure that you are getting everything done in time for the move is by keeping track. Create a checklist of things that need to get done and carry it with you throughout the entire moving process, from the day you book the relocation date to the time the movers unload your belongings at the new address.


• Star packing about five weeks before the move. It must all be ready to go by the time the movers arrive. Pack up room by room and mark all boxes clearly.
• Start conducting school, job, medical and utility transfers a few weeks before the move.
• Have a babysitter for any kids and pets on moving day.
• Have cash, snacks and refreshments on moving day. Keep cash on you during the entire transition.
• Have extra packaging materials prepared on moving day in case anything needs to be repackaged.
• Make sure you keep all important documents on you, including the Bill of Landing.
• Take all valuables and important documents with you instead of sending them with the movers.
• Ask the movers when they anticipate arriving at the new location. Get their phone numbers before they leave.
• Compare your list of inventory with theirs to make sure everything is listed before they leave after loading.

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