Akron-OHGetting out of Akron, Ohio can be done more efficiently by hiring a mover. With as large as Akron is, there are many movers throughout the city. Some specialize in specific moving types, while others offer a variety of services. It is up to you who you go through for assistance with your move, but it wise to hire someone that carries a reputation for their professionalism during the moving process.


How to Avoid Scam Artists

When you begin hunting for the right moving company, make sure that you are giving yourself plenty of time. Many movers suggest that you book your moving date with them at least two months ahead of schedule. This allows everyone time to get prepared for the move. Avoid being scammed by those pretending to be movers or that are shady in their moving process tactics.


• Any reputable mover will be approved by the BBB. Check with the BBB. They will be happy to let you know if the company you are considering is approved through them.
• Shady movers will usually demand a large down payment in cash. A professional moving company will typically require a 10-20% down payment if anything at all.
• Check out the companies’ reviews and ratings over the Internet. Reading about other people’s experiences will help you gauge whether or not a moving company is worth the hire.
• Almost all reputable movers will have a website or be listed somewhere on the Internet.
• If a moving company does NOT offer full protection through optional insurance packages, they are more than likely trying to scam you. Always opt in for insurance coverage through the mover you hire. Even professionals sometimes get caught up in an accident.
• The mover should have all of the proper documentation to prove they are legit. State licensing is required and you are allowed to ask the company to provide proof.
• The movers should arrive on moving day in a company truck. If they have a rental truck or their own vehicle, take precaution before allowing them to begin the loading process.
• Most reliable moving companies have been in the industry for many years.
• Movers train their employees and have all of the right equipment.

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