Albuquerque-NMWhen moving out of Albuquerque, most people find that hiring a moving company is the best way to reduce the amount of stress moving causes. Before contacting a mover, make sure to have a realistic timeline and stick to it. Large household moves usually need to be scheduled at least one month before the moving company can be of aid.


Moving Home from College

Moving companies can be of assistance for many different types of moves and college moves are no exception. Usually, college moves are on a smaller scale than large household moves which means that a moving company might be able to help on shorter notice. Make sure to document all of your possessions in your dorm by taking photos and taking notes on their condition.


Moving Companies Offer Storage

There are plenty of services moving companies offer their customers to make sure that their move runs according to plan. If your new home isn’t quite ready to be lived in yet, a moving company can provide temporary storage for your belongings for as long as you would like. These storage facilities are often equip with climate controlled units for delicate materials such as leather or wood.


What are Non-Transportable Items?

Non-transportable items are items that moving companies recommend you to transport on your own. Usually, these items are of great value or things that hold sentimental value such as photo albums and jewelry. Not every moving company has the same items on their list of non-transportable items so make sure to ask when you contact them.


Examples of Non-Transportable Items


• Fireworks
• Gasoline
• Nail Polish Remover
• Lighter Fluid
• Matches
• Propane Cylinders
• Oxygen Tanks
• Prescription Drugs


Things to Do One Month before You Move

Before you move, you will want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to take care of some minor tasks. The first thing you should do is to inform your utility provider that you will no longer need their services. Always make sure to drain fluids from machines such as lawnmowers and other power tools otherwise the mover will not transport them. Also, make sure to start using up the rest of your household cleaning supplies.

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