Anchorage, AKContrary to popular belief, moving doesn’t mean you are in for a heap of stress. When you hire a professional moving company, their services can make your transition to your new home a pleasant experience. It is important to fill your mover in on all of minor details in order for them to assemble the proper team and tools to get the job done right.

You should inform your mover if they will have to maneuver furniture down or up stairs. In order for them to estimate a total, they will need to know the size of your inventory. You can cut the cost of moving drastically by purging. You can either hold a garage sale to make some extra cash for the move or you can donate belongings that you no longer want or need.


Information to Know About Moving


• Reputable moving companies are required to give their customers written estimates
• Depending on the professional mover, they may or may not give you a binding estimate
• Non-binding estimates may end up exceeding the estimated cost
• Before signing a contract with a moving company, make sure the document includes all relevant transportation information.
• You can request that your cargo be re-weighed at any time.


Information Included on Expense Bill


• Destination Points
• Date of Shipment
• Origin Points
• Number of Packages
• Names of Movers on the Job


Information about Weighing Cargo

The weight of your inventory will be one factor that a moving company includes into the cost of shipping. The person who weighs your cargo will issue a weight ticket which will include their signature. Certain information must be included on the weight ticket such as the location and name of the scale, the date when the cargo was weighed and your last name.


Information about Storage

Other than transporting your belongings, your mover can offer storage solutions for your property. A storage facility can come in handy if your new home isn’t quite ready to be furnished. You will receive a written document when your storage-in-transit is about to convert to permanent storage. Your mover is required by law to inform you of this information at least 10 days prior to the expiration date.


Purchase Additional Insurance

Moving companies in Anchorage will offer additional insurance which must be purchased before the ship date. If you opt not to take advantage of this insurance, the full value of your items will not be covered. To file an insurance claim, make sure you contact the agent that scheduled the ship date.

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