Auburn, MEFinding the right mover may seem like an arduous task in itself, but it is actually quite simple. There are a few very reputable moving companies located in Auburn that can be found through a number of resources. If you are moving across the country, locally or even internationally, you can find all of your transportation needs through an Auburn moving service. Hiring a professional to help you move to your new home is a wise decision because they will take your needs seriously.


Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving


• Plan at least three months ahead of time
• Purge your house of unwanted items
• Document everything you plan on transporting
• Be specific about your home and your expectations when speaking with your mover
• Pack important items separately such as personal documents
• Prepare an overnight bag that contains items to conduct personal hygiene and spare clothes


When Is Best to Move?

Your best odds at moving with the least amount of headache, is by scheduling your move during the off season. The off season is during the fall, winter and spring months. Many people tend to move during the summer because their children are out of school. If you have no other choice other than to move during the summer, try scheduling during the middle of the month.


What is a Non-Binding Agreement?

A non-binding quote is meant to give the consumer a general idea of the cost of transportation. If a moving company gives you a non-binding quote they are not legally obligated to stick to the quote. Before deciding on a mover, make sure to ask for copies of the movers tariffs. Federal law states that a professional moving company must calculate a total cost based off of what is included on their tariffs.


How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In some cases, items can go missing or break while in transit. If this happens, make sure to notify the moving company as soon as possible. If you wait more than nine months to file a claim, your moving company might not be obligated to replace to item. All disputes are settled under what moving companies call the Arbitration Program. This is a less expensive way to resolve matters and keeps you out of the courtroom.

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