Aurora. ILHiring a moving company to help you conduct a commercial move may seem like a rather daunting task. Well, it is crucial that you hire a company that is capable of conducting such a large relocation without any major mishaps. This is why you must carefully consider all of your options. There is an abundance of reliable movers in Aurora that specialize in commercial relocations, find several of them to call and keep narrowing the options from there.


8 Tips for Finding a Professional Commercial Mover


1. Ask around or go online and conduct research.
2. Check the companies’ reviews and ratings online.
3. Ask them if they are licensed and insured.
4. Watch out for red flags such as companies trying to get paid upfront deposits.
5. Ask about their professional accreditations.
6. Check with the BBB to see if they are approved.
7. See if they offer discounts and are available for the date you would like to schedule.
8. Make sure they have the right equipment and enough movers to conduct a safe commercial move.

When you have finally hired a mover and set the moving date, make sure that you begin the preparation process. This includes changing utility providers, buying packaging supplies, beginning packing, changing addresses, cleaning house, and all other aspects that may need to be addressed. Create a list that includes everything that has yet to be accomplished. This will help you stay on task.


Creating an Inventory List

As you begin packing up the house, pack away all items either room by room, or by category. No matter how you may decide to do it, keep a list of inventory. You can simply count the amount of boxes and furniture in each room, or create a more detailed list if you wish. This inventory list will help give you peace of mind when the items arrive at the new location where you can check them off as they enter.

More often than not the movers will have created an inventory list as well. Bigger moving corporations usually make this a requirement. Nevertheless, ask the movers if they had created one and compare the lists before they head to the new destination.

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