Birmingham, ALThe City of Birmingham is the most populated city throughout the State of Alabama. Moving from the metropolis can become rather hectic, especially if you try to move on your own. It is best, especially in such populated areas, that you let professional movers conduct the task. They will have the experience and machinery necessary to conduct the move safely and efficiently.

Moving is a delicate process that requires the proper training and equipment if you want to avoid any mishaps along the way. By hiring movers out of Birmingham, you can put your mind at ease and pay attention to other matters. Also, moving companies offer a number of services that may be of interest to you. Services such as long distance moves, heavy furniture moving, student and military moves, and full packaging services are often offered.


Moving Checklist


• Find a reputable moving company through a middleman, asking family and friends, or by reading reviews and ratings online. Schedule a moving date at least five weeks in advance.
• Be aware of your rights and responsibilities during the moving process. Every company should have this accessible for their customers. Usually, you will receive a pamphlet.
• Make sure the movers you chose to hire are approved by the BBB. You can personally contact the BBB to find out if the moving company cannot provide any proof.
• Ask if there is a dispute settlement and insurance offered. Figure out how the movers are responsible for any damages or accidents.
• Figure out when the moving company is to arrive for loading and when they will arrive at the other destination for unloading.
• Gather contact numbers through the moving company so that you can call them prior to the scheduled move or if anything happens to come up.
• Write out a list of inventory. Some moving companies will also create one. Compare your list with theirs.
• Make sure the company has all of the proper licenses and certificates.
• If there is nowhere for the truck to park on moving day, you may need to acquire a permit from the city for the truck to park in the street.

By creating a moving checklist, you can assure that you will be prepared for moving day. It is always best to be as ready for the big day as possible. This can be done in many ways, even with the organization of your home, finding a sitter for kids or pets, and having refreshments and snacks prepared for those moving your belongings.

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