Bismarck-NDIf this is your first time moving, odds are that you have many questions. The moving process is a procedure that requires planning, patience and experience in order to properly execute a flawless move. Most people will hire a moving company so that nothing gets overlooked. A moving company in Bismarck can help you relocate to your new home for a price that will suit your needs.


Taking the Proper Steps for a Move?

There are a number of things that can go wrong during a move, but by following some crucial steps you can save yourself from the most common ways to acquire a headache. The first part of the moving process starts by documenting your inventory. If there are things that you would like to leave behind, consider holding a garage sale or giving the items to a charity.

After you have made your packing list, contact a few different moving companies and compare prices. After you have hired a moving company, the next thing you will want to do unpacking one room at a time. Moving companies recommend that you start with the largest room in your home and then use the empty space to store all of your boxes.


Tips for Move Day


• Keep walking aisles clear of trip and slip hazards.
• Provide beverages for anyone who will be lifting boxes.
• Be available to answer questions and give direction to the movers.
• Keep children away from the work zone.
• Double check rooms before departing to make sure nothing gets left behind.
• Make sure to separate fragile items from non-fragile items.


Wear Personal Protective Equipment

There are several types of injuries that are common during a move such as pinched fingers, sprained ankles, broken bones, and strained backs. To avoid getting injured during your move, make sure to dress yourself in the proper attire. Going through old boxes in the attic will definitely throw dust into the air, so make sure to wear a respirator over your face to avoid breathing in debris.

You should consider wearing a back brace if you will be doing a lot of heavy lifting. To avoid crushing your toes, wear steel-tip boots with metatarsal guards. It is recommended that you wear pants, but this might prove difficult during the warmer months. Wear a sturdy pair of cargo shorts and stay hydrated if you will be moving during the summer.

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