Bridgeport, CTThe most reliable way to move to your new residence in Bridgeport is to hire a professional moving company. If you have never had to move before, you might believe that this is a task you can do by yourself. The truth is, moving is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever have to go through. It requires a lot of planning and organization in order to achieve a successful move. A professional moving company can help you plan your move and make sure that things stay organized.


How to Avoid Damages during a Move

The moving process can be very fast paced especially when you are working will trained professionals. Make sure that delicate parts of your furniture are properly protected so that they aren’t scratched or gouged while moving them. You can save your floor from scuffs and scratches by taping flattened boxes to your floor and creating a pathway for your movers to follow.

You can also use blankets and quilts to drape over banisters which will prevent damages from occurring. Wrapping furniture in blankets will also make sliding them across rough carpeting much easier. You should also invest in carpet film protector if you want to leave behind a clean floor for your old homes new future occupants. This plastic sheet will protect the carpeting from dirt and mud while you and the movers haul your belongings out of the home.


The Difference between a Binding and Non-Binding Agreement

There are a few different types of estimates a mover might give you. A non-binding agreement is an estimate that may or may not exceed the price discussed over the phone. You should be wary of shady movers who offer low estimates because this price might go up drastically after the move has been completed.

A reputable moving company will give you a binding agreement which means, the quote they gave you will not change after the operation is over. However, even if your cargo weighs less than the estimate, you will still pay for the estimated price. The most consumer-friendly type of estimate is a binding not to exceed moving estimate. This type of quote will ensure that you don’t overpay even if the services provided exceed the price quoted to you.

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