Brookings-SDThe City of Brookings is a suburbanized area at least more so than the other more populated cities in the state. This makes it a little easier to maneuver around and to conduct a safe move. Nevertheless, you will still come across some hurdles and to avoid those obstacles, you are best off hiring a moving company.

There are many wonderful movers in Brookings and its surrounding cities. You should have no issues finding a moving company you can trust to relocate your property. Just pay close attention to their notoriety in the city. For example, make sure they have a website and positive reviews and ratings.

When you pick apart the movers and begin calling around, ask them questions. The customer service should be friendly and helpful. They should be willing to help and trying their best to get your business.


8 Questions to Ask the Movers


1. Do you offer insurance coverage?
2. Do you have BBB approval?
3. Do you have state licensing?
4. What is your down payment percentage?
5. Do you offer binding quotes?
6. Are you going to come see the property before you give me a quote?
7. Are your movers covered by workman’s compensation?
8. What services do you offer?

By asking these simple questions, you will get a better feel for the company and how it operates. This will help you make a decision as to who you should hire for the relocation. Never go with someone who requests a larger down payment or that isn’t approved through the Better Business Bureau. By calling the BBB, you can find out if a company is actually approved through them or not.


Advice for Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves require a bit more attention and time. When you hire a mover, make sure that they offer long distance moving services. When moving day arrives, ask the movers whether or not your items will be transferred onto another truck or not. Gather contact numbers and inquire about the route they may be taking.

Before moving day, try to get familiar with what will be your new location. If you cannot make a trip there, use the Internet to see what types of businesses, parks, restaurants, and other facilities are in the area closest to where you will be residing. You might even want to check out a street map to familiarize yourself with the roads.

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