Brooklyn-NYGetting out of Brooklyn, New York is definitely not any easy task. When a move is in your near future, it is always in your best interest to hire a professional mover. They have experience with moving people out of homes, businesses and other property types. When you hire a mover from Brooklyn, they will have knowledge of the area and be more capable of helping you relocate.

At least two months before the scheduled moving date, start getting ready for the big day. The more preparation you can achieve in the meantime, the better. There are many helpful tips to help you out with staying organized and prepared.


• Start packing at least five weeks prior to the moving date.
• Start conducting job, medical, school and job transfers at least a month prior to the date.
• Fill out a change of address form about two weeks in advance.
• Keep a checklist with you to keep things organized.
• Create a list of inventory. A box count per room is usually the best way to do so. Also right down what pieces of furniture you have in each room.
• If you have any flammables or hazardous materials, dispose of them.
• Schedule your utility transfer at least two weeks before the move.
• Start paring down your refrigerated food a couple weeks prior to relocating.
• Pack away valuables separately and keep them with you when you go to relocate.
• Obtain parking permits from the City of Brooklyn if necessary.
• Purchase drinks and snacks for the movers.
• Find someone to watch the kids and pets if you have any.


Insurance Packages for Relocation

Many reputable movers will offer a few different insurance packages. The customer service representative will tell you which one they feel is best for your move. Even though professional movers take all of the proper precautions, accidents can happen at any time.

If your belongings end up being damaged, lost or stolen while in the care of the movers they will be covered by the insurance. Some might think that insurance isn’t necessary due to the fact they have a homeowners’ insurance policy, but property isn’t typically covered during the moving process by this policy.

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