Cincinnati-OHRelocating your company or residential property out of Cincinnati is more of a headache than many other matters that we may face throughout our lifetime. On average, Americans move about every five years. While some conduct these moves on their own, those that are used to the moving process know that it is best left to the professionals.

When you finally find the right mover, schedule your moving date right away. Scheduling your move at least two months ahead of time is recommended. This should give you enough time to get everything prepared and situated. During the summer you may want to schedule your move even sooner if it is possible. Warmer weather months are usually the busiest for movers.


Doing Your Best to Prepare for a Move

Prepare for relocation well ahead of the scheduled moving date. Packing is perhaps the first thing that you should do to prepare for the move. This process is the timeliest task to be completed during the moving process. Most movers will offer full service packing, but if you cannot take advantage of this, start packing room by room at least five weeks before the big day.

About four weeks prior to moving day, start conducting medical, school, utility, and job transfers. A change of address will also be necessary. Keep track of all that must be done by creating a checklist. This will help keep you on task and organized. Creating an inventory list while you pack is also suggested. When your belongings arrive to the next location, you can check them off as you spot them to make sure that everything made the trip safely.

Clean up the home and have all boxes packed, labeled and ready to go for the movers. Have a place for them to park and make sure that all pathways to the boxes are free of clutter or anything that may cause for an accident. Have a babysitter watch the children and even pets if you have any. Before the movers leave, compare inventory lists and gather contact phone numbers. Ask them when they believe they will arrive at the next location.

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