Clarksville_TNBeing relocated might not have been something you had anticipated, but nevertheless it is reality now and the time has come to find a moving company. Throughout Clarksville and its neighboring cities, there are many moving companies that carry great reputations. Find the one that has services related to the moving type you need them for. A customer service representative should be happy to help you with your selection.


How to Pack Up Your Property Properly

About the fifth week prior to your scheduled moving day is when you should really begin packing away your property. This is usually more than enough time to pack up room by room before the day the movers come. Everything must be prepared for them when they arrive on loading day.

When you start packing away the property, begin in the room that you use less. Pack away everything in this room using the proper materials. Mark each box with the room they are to go in on the top and side of the box. Make sure it is legible for the movers and write “Fragile” on boxes that contain dishes, glassware or other breakables.

When you pack away dishes, before you stack them on top of one another, put a paper plate, foam sheet or newspaper between each dish. Stack them neatly and fill any empty space in the box with newspaper, old linens, or packing peanuts. Never make the box too heavy. This could create a disaster and your belongings might fall out during transport if the box rips open.

As you finish packing up each room on at a time, keep the boxes neatly stacked against the walls as you move along. Never remove the boxes from the room you packed them in. Have a clear path made to the boxes for when the movers arrive.

If you do not have the time to pack away your own property, inquire with the moving company about their full packing services. These services allow the professionals to come in and pack it all up for you. They will know the proper techniques for packing and use all of the latest moving supplies.

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