Colorado Springs, CONo matter why you are moving out of Colorado Springs, there is a moving company out there to help. In fact, there are many reputable movers in the city and all of them offer an array of affordable services. Find one with services relatable to the type of move you are conducting.

If it is a residential move that you are conducting, make sure that you are fully prepared for the day of the move. It is easy to get frustrated and off task when you are in the process of a move. Don’t allow any frustrations stand in the way of a successful move.


Things to Remember in the Midst of a Move


• Make sure that you have your new address written down or memorized.
• Keep all medical records and other important documents packed away safely with you.
• Have plans arranged for pets and children. Find a sitter and have appropriate transport prepared.
• Have all valuables with you. Do not allow the movers to be responsible for high valued or sentimental items.
• Don’t pack away cleaning supplies until after the move, or throw them away after you use them to clean your old place of residence after all belongings are on the way to the new home.
• Make sure you collected all keys and garage door openers to leave at the old residence.
• Cover all floors in tarps, old blankets, paper or plastic to protect them from damage during the loading of the truck.
• Have all utilities in line. Make sure the utilities are on at the new residence and that the utilities at your previous home in Colorado Springs will be shut off.
• Have an inventory record made with all property listed on it. Compare your list with the list the movers made to assure that everyone is on the same page.
• Make sure the home and driveway are free of clutter, cars, hanging objects, and other obstacles on the day of the move.

It’s almost never easy to have a successful move and being fully prepared is almost impossible. Nevertheless, it is best to be as organized and ready for the day as you possibly can.

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