Columbus, GAHiring a moving professional will make switching to your new home a much more tolerable experience. One of the most frustrating things you can do in life is to move from one residence to the next. Whether you are moving across the country, over the ocean or just a few miles away, a professional moving service in Columbus can provide the help it will require.


Preparing for a Move

It is essential that you utilize your time properly so that your move runs as smooth as possible. Before scheduling a move, be realistic about your time frame. You should be making preparations for moving months prior to the day of transportation.

Usually, moving services require 30 days notice before they can fit you into their schedule. After you schedule with a moving company, use the time to create a packing list and to start packing. You can save money on labor costs by removing items from your home that you do not wish to bring with you.


Documenting Your Property

Before you put anything into boxes, you should document their condition. You can do so by taking photographs and even video easily with your smart phone. You should also make sure that your packing list includes everything you plan on transporting and the value of the items. On the day of transportation, make sure you are available to answer questions about your inventory.


Take Advantage of Packing Solutions

A reputable moving company will be able to offer a few packing solutions for people who would like assistance preparing their things for transportation. Moving companies are required to repack anything that isn’t packed properly because they won’t be held responsible for damages. Legitimate movers will be able to offer state-of-the-art packing supplies such as boxes, foam sheets, packing paper, and packing tape.

If you have never had to move before, you might not know how certain things need to be packed. If you have any questionable items, make sure to talk to your mover and ask for assistance. For an additional fee, your moving professional can pack up everything in your home or just help pack the fragile items if you wish. If you are packing without assistance, make sure that all of your boxes are labeled and that the label is placed on the side of the box rather than the top.

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