Covington, KYGet your move in gear by hiring a reputable moving company out of Covington, Kentucky. With all of the movers in the area, you will certainly find one that you feel you can trust. Make sure that you hire a company that not only upholds a great reputation for being professional, but one that offers services that can benefit your move.


Advice to Make the Move Smoother


• Create a to-do list and write down all inventory
• Begin packing after you schedule the date with a mover, at least five weeks ahead of time
• Use all of the proper packing materials
• Take advantage of insurance and services offered through the moving company
• Have drinks and food prepared for the movers on moving day- it builds morale
• Have a sitter prepared for children and pets
• Make sure the house is easy to walk through and nothing is in the movers way
• Parking the truck shouldn’t be an issue on moving day. Make sure the truck has somewhere to park even a permit must be obtained from the city
• Gather contact numbers for the mover
• Compare your inventory list with the movers’ and ask them when they anticipate arriving at the next location
• Transfer all utilities and make sure they are on when the movers arrive at the new location
• Keep all important documents and valuables with you during the moving process
• Pack up your belongings safely and securely- label boxes legibly
• Be present during the loading and unloading process if able
• Cover floors and corners of walls with tarp, plastic or old blankets to prevent damage

When you are prepared for a move, it will go along without a hitch. Of course, you will always want to assume that minor mishaps might take place, but it is best to let these roll off your shoulders. Follow the tips above and you will have a much smoother move ahead of you. Too many people aren’t prepared for moving day which can cause more issues than they anticipated. By staying on top of matters, you will avoid any unnecessary stress.

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