Davenport, IAThe City of Davenport holds many moving companies with great reputations for getting the job done safely. Hiring a professional mover is always a good decision, even if it is only a small move that you have a need for. The amount of different services that these companies offer makes it possible to hire a mover for nearly anything. Pool tables, appliances, small moves, long distance moves, and commercial moves are all just some of the services you will find offered to you.


Deciding on Services

With all of the services offered through moving companies, you will have some decisions to make. By talking to the moving company or going through a middleman to gather quotes, you can find movers that have services to suit your needs. For instance, if you have to move out of a small apartment and to a new location across the states, you should look for small movers with long distance services.

When it comes to insurance and full packing services, this is entirely up to you. However, purchasing insurance is always very smart. If something were to happen during the moving process while your possessions were in the movers’ care, any harm done would be covered by the insurance.
Full packing services include packaging all of your belongings for you. The movers will come in and use the best packaging supplies to appropriately pack away everything, readying it for moving day. A list of inventory will be made and all boxes will be labeled.


Getting Ready for the Move

Along with getting job changes, utility transfers and other matters all organized and prepared, you have to get ready for moving day. Everything should be packed and ready to go when the movers arrive. It is best to stay as on top of these matters to assure a safe and timely move.

On top of having all of your boxes packed and ready to go, you should have the house cleared and free of any clutter. That might sound impossible due to the circumstances, but it is important for the movers to maneuver as necessary to get the truck loaded. It is also crucial that there is somewhere for them to park within proximity of the home or building.

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