Derry Village- NJThere are a number of professional moving companies in Derry that can be of great help when moving to a new home. Moving is a big decision, but choosing the right moving company is equally as big of a decision. The best way to determine which moving company is best for you is by calling around to a few different companies and collect quotes.

Never take a moving companies quote seriously unless you can acquire a binding agreement. Moving companies will calculate a total cost by taking things such as weight and distance into consideration. Additional fees may be applied at the end of your move by moving companies who only give out non-binding agreements. As a customer, you are allowed to request a reweigh of your goods at any time during the move.


Things to Tell the Moving Company

On the day that you contact the moving company, make sure to be as descriptive about the move as possible. The moving company will be able to prepare properly for the move and be able to work more efficiently when they know what they are walking into. Never leave out information about the cargo they will be transporting.

If you need assistance transporting chemicals, make sure to tell your mover so that they as well as you can take the necessary precautions. Let the mover know if they will be working up and downstairs and if they will be expected to transport items of extraordinary value such as firearms, gems and chinaware. Certain items require extra care during transportation which a reputable moving company can offer.


Why Buying Insurance is Important

One of the main reasons why people tend to hire professional movers is that they can offer insurance for the items that will be transported. As long as the customer buys insurance, the moving company will replace the broken or damaged item or repair it to its former condition. If you do not purchase insurance, anything that gets damaged will only be covered under the moving company’s standard insurance policy.


Preparing for Long Distance Moves

One thing you can do to make sure your long distance move is tolerable is to prepare an overnight bag. Pack an extra set of clothes and items to conduct personal hygiene such as soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Keep all personal information such as your driver’s license, birth certificate and social security card in your personal vehicle. Make sure that you have a cell phone and cash on you at all times as well.

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