Detroit, MIMoving is never that pleasant of an experience, at least not the moving process. Trying to conduct a move of any kind is inconvenient and timely. Fortunately, there are some highly rated moving companies in the City of Detroit. Being as populous as it is, there are moving companies that specialize in all types of moves, from large scale moves to small moves.

When you begin your search for a moving company, keep in mind that they should have a reputation for being dependable. Nothing is more important than hiring a company with the professionalism required for a smooth moving process. Check the potential movers’ reviews and ratings online. Then, schedule your move the company chosen five weeks to two months ahead of time.


After You Schedule the Moving Date

Rest assured that there is an abundance of ways you can prepare for moving day. By staying organized and levelheaded, you can expect a smoother moving process.


• Find sitters for children and pets
• Keep a list of inventory
• Create a checklist
• Have everything packed and ready for loading in time
• Package all items properly and with the right packaging supplies
• All boxes should be labeled legibly
• Clean up the property. Make sure all clutter and debris is out of the way of the movers
• Have parking accessible
• Prepare snacks and refreshments
• Have cash on hand
• Keep extra packing supplies handy
• Take all valuables and important documents with you to the next location

By trying to comply with the above preparation tips, you can be certain that your relocation will go along much easier. The only way to truly be ready is by preparing in any way you can. On top of the moving day prep, you have other matters in regards to the move to attend to, such as job and school changes. Staying organized is essential under these circumstances.

On moving day, make sure you compare your inventory list with that of the movers if they made one as well. Ask them if they have the next address and what route they intend to take there. You will also want to ask for contact numbers and when they believe they will arrive at the next location.

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