Edison, NJWith Edison being the fifth most populated area in the State of New Jersey may present some issues with moving that other cities may otherwise not. However, you can skip the anxiety by hiring a professional mover out of the area. They will know all about the city and the laws in regards to moving.

With the proper equipment, movers will securely relocate your items whether they are from a business or a home. On the date you scheduled with them, they will come in and begin loading the truck. You won’t have to do a thing. Of course, if you opt in for full service packing, then the packing of your possessions won’t be a bother either.


Moving Day Countdown

Two Months– At the two month mark is usually when people will begin their hunt for the right moving company. This gives you and the moves plenty of time to prepare. In warmer weather months, movers tend to be busy so it is best to book with them well in advance.

Five Weeks- This is the very latest you will want to book a moving company by if you can help it. This is also the latest that you will want to begin the packing process if you haven’t already.

Four Weeks– Start a to-do list. This will help keep you on track. Add things like- find a sitter, complete job transfer, etc. This is also when you will want to begin lessening the amount of food in the refrigerator and avoid shopping for more.

Three Weeks– It takes some time for a change of address to be completed. Fill out a change of address form at the post office or online. Begin organizing the home in preparation for the move.

Two Weeks– Make sure you finish up any packing. Have all important documents and valuables safely packed away for you to bring with you to the new location. You will want to make sure everything is in order.

One Week– Have your utility transfers and other transfers completed. Have all entryways clear for the movers and if they must park in the street, grab a permit for street parking from the city. Withdraw cash for the day of the move, just in case. Check in with the moving company to make sure the date is still scheduled.

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