Fairbanks, AKThere are many reasons to be excited about moving to Fairbanks, but the stress of a move can make getting there an unpleasant experience. A professional moving company from Fairbanks can make the switch to your new home much less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Fairbanks is the second most populated city in Alaska and is surrounded by unspoiled wilderness. If you plan on moving to Fairbanks in the near future, you will need to know some things about the moving process.


Consider Purchasing Full Protection

When you purchase full protection for your inventory, the moving company will replace or repair your lost or damaged goods at their current value. They way a moving company determines a cost for transportation is done by multiplying how much they charge per pound times the weight of the load. Depending on your moving professional, you can be paying as little as $6.00 per pound.


Tips for Pre-Packing


• Throw away perishables.
• Arrange for alternative transportation for items such as jewelry, currency, stocks, bonds, and legal documents.
• Throw away flammables, cleaning solutions, paint, and propane tanks.
• Separate items you do not wish your moving company to transport from items they will be transporting.
• Empty gasoline from lawnmowers, chainsaws and blowers.


Things to Do During Transportation

While your inventory is being transported it is important to inform your relocation coordinator of any changes in your schedule or if your contact information has changed. Always make sure that you are available at all hours to accept deliveries on scheduled dates. You should make sure to verify the total cost of the services your moving service provides before delivery.


Fill Out a High Value Inventory Form

A high value inventory form is a document that must be filled out if you plan on transporting valuable objects through your moving company. You will need to document the condition of the items on this form, their estimated value and their inventory number. High value items could include art, instruments, collectables, and firearms.


Do Not Lose the Bill of Landing

Before your mover transports your cargo, you will receive a copy of the bill of landing. This document is a contract between you and the mover and it contains information about the move including the name of the moving company and cost of the move. The bill of landing will be partially completed, but will be necessary for cross referencing on the date of delivery.

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