Fort WayneIf you plan on moving out of Fort Wayne, you should consider recruiting the aid of a professional moving company. If you feel like going into a move alone will be too much of a burden to handle solo, allow the experts to take some of the stress off your back. Moving experts are trained to handle many different situations and can provide tools to work around difficult obstacles.


How to Avoid Lifting Injuries


• Do not carry more than one box at a time
• Do not carry any boxes that require two people
• Bend at the knees
• Do not twist your back while lifting or carrying objects
• Hold the box close to your body and do not carry anything on top of your head
• Use hand trucks for appliances such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers


What is the Proper Moving Attire?

Certain jobs require the proper clothes so that you can avoid sustaining injuries. When moving, you should wear a pair of durable pants that you do not mind getting dirty. Steel tip boots and gloves with a sufficient grip with help save you from injury as well as prevent you from dropping boxes. You will more than likely be dealing with a lot of dust so consider wearing eye protection and a respirator.


Things that Make Moving Easier


• Permanent Markers
• Tape Dispenser
• Wardrobe Boxes
• Measuring Tape
• Pack an Overnight Bag
• Bubble Wrap
• Stretch Wrap


Use Labels and Colored Tabs

Once your items have been placed into a box, make sure to include a label on the side of the box. You should also place a colored tab on the box which will allow the mover to know which room the box will go into on the delivery date. Using colored tabs and labels will make for a much more organized move and help prevent damages from occurring.


Can a Moving Company Offer Packing Supplies?

Often times, people will want to leave packing to the professionals. If you want to avoid doing any hard labor, your mover can provide you with excellent packing services including a full-pack, partial-pack or a fragile-pack. If you would like to have your mover package your materials, you can rest assured knowing that your items will be protected by the most up-to-date packing supplies.

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