Glendale, AZThe process of moving is an arduous task that requires a lot of time and causes a lot of stress. In a situation where you need to move from your home in Glendale, it is best to hire a moving company from the area. They will help in more ways than one and in actuality, you will probably be saving money along with the unnecessary stress.

People often forget that moving isn’t just about packing up boxes and relocating them. Any appliances and heavy furniture you may have will need to be handled properly in order to avoid damage. This is one of the most difficult parts of a move.


Properly Disassembling Furniture and Appliances for a Move

There are several things that you may have to move within your home that will need to be taken apart prior to loading.


All hoses will need to be disconnected and drained. The machine should be cleaned thoroughly and left with the door open for a few days to air out. Wrap all of the hoses and other accessories and put them inside of the dishwasher for safe travel. This will keep everything together.


Try to get all grease off of the stove and have it thoroughly cleaned before it is loaded onto the truck. Take all pieces and parts and put them together in a box. If you have a gas range, you may want a qualified technician to detach the stove for you. They will cap it off before it is loaded onto the truck. Many movers will be able to do this so that you don’t have to find someone else to.


Throw away all perishable food items. Put all cords in a box or bag and pull out all of the drawers. Wash the entire fridge and allow everything to dry completely. Pack everything such as drawers, cords and other small parts separately. If you have an ice maker, you will need to make sure it is disconnected from the waterline.

Washers and Dryers

Washers in particular, are rather difficult to take apart for transport elsewhere. Make sure that both the washer and dryer are disconnected properly. Pack away all cords and small accessories in a box. Clean out the lint trap on the dryer and makes sure that the hoses from the washer are drained and dried out before storing. The washer will need to have its tub secured before it can be moved.


If preparing to move appliances seems too difficult, don’t fret. The movers are usually capable of handling such large items. They know how to assemble and disassemble the appliances, as well as other items such as pool tables and other furniture.

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