Grand Forks- NDProfessional moving companies in Grand Forks are capable of making the move to your new home a pleasant experience. Most people that try to move without the help of a professional will have a difficult time keeping things in order. An agent can help you stay organized during your move and provide you with a checklist to complete before the date of transportation.


How Does Insurance Work?

In order for any moving company to conduct business, they must be licensed and insured to transport household goods. Moving companies offer two types of insurance, standard insurance and full-service insurance. The standard insurance package will only cover about 60 cents per pound which is rarely enough to cover the full value of your cargo.

If you purchase full coverage for your items, the moving company is required to replace the broken or lost item. You will have a much easier time getting reimbursed for your damaged goods if you prepare a packing list prior to the move. You must document the condition of all of your items by taking photos or video footage of your things so that they can be reviewed to prove damage has been done.


Rescheduling a Delivery Date

Having reliable contact information is pertinent to ensure that if changes in plans occur, the moving company will be able to get a hold of you. If you will not be able to meet the movers on the expected date, make sure to contact them immediately so that your items can be stored. Items that need to be put in storage can remain there for as long as the customer needs, but there will be a monthly fee.


Proper Packing Supplies


• Cardboard Boxes
• White Packing Paper
• Foam Sheets
• Bubble Sheets
• Packing Tape
• Permanent Marker
• Utility Knife
• Tape Gun
• Labels
• Colored Tabs


Planning a Move

The first thing to keep in mind about moving is that you will need to allow yourself enough time to get things in order. Moving companies will need to know about your move one month ahead of time, but you should be making preparations at least two months prior. To make sure that the moving companies won’t need to call in for special equipment, measure items that might be difficult to maneuver around corners and through doorways.

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