Grand Rapids, MIHiring a professional and dependable mover is by far the best method of moving. If you need to move out of your Grand Rapids home, it is wise to find a moving company from the area that carries a good reputation and has years of experience. They will move your possessions in a secure and skilled manner.

Finding the right company to trust with your possessions may seem like a taunting task. However, you can find trustworthy movers in the area by simply doing some online research or going through a middleman. A middleman is often in your favor considering they can offer lower rates and gather estimates from top rated movers in just minutes.


When It Comes to Packing…

Packing is perhaps the most tedious job of them all during the moving process. If you didn’t pay for full packing services, make sure you begin packing at least a month before the scheduled date with the movers. This will give you plenty of time to pack at a more relaxed pace.

Proper Packing Materials


• Packaging Tape
• Boxes of all Sizes and Shapes
• Bubble Wrap
• Packing Peanuts
• Permanent Markers
• Razors
• Newspaper
• Blankets

It is important that you pack all belongings according to the mover’s standards. Professional movers have the right to repack the boxes if they feel they are poorly packaged. By using the right materials, you can pack away all items properly and securely so that they are less likely to be harmed during the relocation.

Start packing up room by room or by category. Label all boxes legibly and try to keep a list of inventory as you go along. This will only help you on the days of the loading and unloading process. Keep the boxes in the rooms they were packed away in if possible. Make sure that you leave all entryways unblocked as well so that it is safe to maneuver throughout the property.

On moving day, have all boxes and items ready to go. Have extra packaging supplies in case of an emergency and be as prepared as possible to let the movers conduct their job without a hassle.

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