Hartford, CTIf you have intentions on moving out of Hartford, you will need to know how to go about doing it the right way. Many people who have had the pleasure of moving can attest to the fact that it’s not an easy task. Unless you take full advantage of the services your moving professionals offer, you will more than likely be doing some of the dirty work.


Packing Solutions Moving Companies Offer


• Full Pack- A full pack is where the mover will provide everything needed to package your belongings, pack everything and load it onto the moving van. Typically, people like to take advantage of this because it gets them out of the hard labor.
• Fragile Pack- A fragile pack is a service moving companies provide to people that aren’t sure how to package delicate items such as glass, art or chinaware.
• Partial Pack- A partial pack is where your mover will only package specific items you need assistance packing.


Can a Moving Company Unload Your Property?

Moving companies make it their duty to have an answer for all aspects of the moving process. If you need help getting your belongings taken off of the truck, your moving professional can do this task as well. For an additional fee, your mover will also unpack your belongings, but you will be responsible for the placement of these items.


Making Your Move Safe for Children

Moving is complicated, but when you add children into the mix it can be even more difficult. A moving company can’t offer you a baby sitter, but they can take care of potential hazards that can injure your children. Make sure that all weapons, sharp objects and chemicals are placed in the proper container and kept out of your child’s reach.

Block off staircases and electrical outlets to ensure the safety of your child as well. Ask a friend to watch your child for you for a few hours while you and your movers take care of business. A moving company will dispatch a professional moving team adequate for the job who can work rather quickly so unless complications arise, removing objects from your home shouldn’t be an all day affair.

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