HiloWhen you need to move out of Hilo, Hawaii, make sure that you hire a mover known for their outstanding service. All too often, people are in a haste to hire a moving company and they end up hiring a less than reliable mover with little regard to the condition of your belongings. Don’t allow this to happen to you. In fact, there are many different moving day mistakes that people tend to make. If you are aware of these mistakes, you can focus on bettering the process and assuring that your possessions are cared for properly.


Common Moving Day Mistakes


• Not remembering to have your utilities turned on, off or transferred to the new location.
• Forgetting to purchase insurance through the moving company or checking to see if your home owner’s insurance covers the belongings amidst a move.
• Not staying organized. You should have all boxes clearly packaged and labeled, an inventory list, and a checklist prepared.
• Not having passageways cleared for the movers or a parking permit if they need to park on city property.
• Forgetting to get a sitter for children or pets.
• Forgetting to compare your inventory list with the mover’s list, or asking when they anticipate arriving at the next location.
• Waiting until last minute to have everything packed away is a very common mistake. You should begin packing at least a month prior to moving day. It should be packed and ready to go when the movers arrive.

By avoiding common moving day mistakes, you can assure that the process will go by much smoother. When you stay organized and on top of everything, you can focus on other matters that don’t involve the movers, such as the utilities, the preparation for moving to a new location, and school or job transfers.

Even if you hired the most reputable mover in the area and fully prepared yourself in every way possible for the moving process, don’t be disappointed if something goes wrong. You can’t expect to get through moving day without any surprises at all. Don’t let the petty issues stress you out. Keep a level head and continue with the moving day process.

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