HonoluluSeeing as Honolulu is the capital and largest city in the State of Hawaii, there are many wonderful moving companies in the region. They specialize in all types of services such as long distance and heavy furniture moves. No matter what type of move you may have in your near future, there will be a reputable mover to help you with the process.

Begin looking for movers at least a couple months before you need to move. This will give you plenty of opportunity to be fully prepared and packed. It is suggested that you schedule with a mover as much as five weeks prior to the desired moving date. After the moving day is booked, begin the packaging process. Have the house clean, packaged and ready for the day the movers are expected to arrive.


Moving Insurance

As you call around talking to various moving companies, ask them if they offer insurance during the moving process. Even the most trustworthy moving companies come across accidents sometimes. The insurance they offer can cover a majority of incidents that might occur. This will ultimately save you from unexpected out of pocket expenses if something were to get damaged or lost during the move.

Often times, movers will offer basic coverage which will cover your belongings up to a certain value. However, some moving companies will offer extended insurance plans too. Make sure you ask about insurance and the different types of plans offered. Depending on the kind of move being conducted, it could be wise to take on more insurance.

Insurance offered through the movers doesn’t cover natural disaster accidents and in some cases, the insurance may not even cover items that you personally packed. It depends on the type of insurance you selected with the moving company. That’s why it is important to ask questions and make sure that you are going with a plan that suits your moving process. You can also look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. You may already have some coverage through your current provider.

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