Hunstville, ALThe best way to stay on track and to get your moving process started is by finding a moving company with a good reputation. This should be relatively easy in the Huntsville area. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another home or trying to move a large commercial building, there will be a moving company that offers services to help you with your needs.


10 Things to Do before Moving Day


1. Research movers in Huntsville that are known for their great services and pleased customers. You can use a middleman to help you gather quotes from reputable companies.
2. Write out an inventory list of everything you’re having transported. The moving company will do this too, but it’s best to make one of your own. Compare the lists or follow them as they make their list before loading up the truck.
3. Clean out your home and maybe hold a garage sale or donate some things you no longer have a need for. This will make packing up easier and less will have to be loaded on the truck.
4. Pack up all valuables and essential documents. Take them with you the day of the move rather than allowing the movers to.
5. If you didn’t select the full packaging services, begin packing well before the scheduled move. Begin with the room you utilize the least.
6. If you have children or pets, arrange a sitter so that they don’t have to be around on moving day.
7. Make sure you have the new home’s utilities turned on in time for the move in date.
8. Change your address.
9. Purchase drinks and some snacks for the movers.
10. Make sure that you are free the day of the move and that you can be there while the movers are.

Try to get to your new home by the time the movers get there. Make sure all boxes are unloaded in the right rooms. The movers will reassemble any heavy furniture such as pool tables and pianos that they had to take apart to transport safely. Check your list of inventory when all boxes are placed within the house to make sure everything is there.

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