Idaho FallsMoving is a process that shouldn’t be done unless you take all of the necessary precautions in doing so. A moving company in Idaho Falls can provide the best tools on the market for getting a move accomplished at a price that will work for you. Moving companies can help you transport your entire home or they can assist you with moving just a few pieces of furniture.


What is a Moving Consultant?

Consider hiring a mover who works with a moving consultant. A moving consultant is an individual who is certified under the American Moving & Storage Association and knows all of the information in regards to your move. In most cases, you will not have to pay for the services provided by the moving consultant.


Moving Safety Tips


• Hold boxes close to your body
• Swipe utility knife away from your body
• Clear walking aisles of tripping Hazards
• Keep chemicals and firearms in a locked container
• Bend at the knees when lifting
• Drink plenty of water
• Wear the proper attire
• Keep a first aid kit handy


Moving Items of Extraordinary Value

An item of extraordinary value can be many things, but anything that weighs more than 100 dollars per-pound is considered to be an item of extraordinary value. If you are planning on transporting items of high value, consider doing so in a personal vehicle. If this is not a possibility, make sure to inform your moving company if there will be any precious items on board.


Information about Impracticable Operations

Your team of movers will carry their standard set of road-haul equipment, but in some circumstances it is not enough to move certain objects. If additional labor or special tools are required to get the job done, your mover might include this into the total cost with or without your request. It is important to inform your mover about objects that may require special tools to transport.


When Is Best to Move?

Moving companies are always busiest during the summer months, but late spring and fall can be very busy as well. Usually, people tend to move during the summer because of the nice weather and their children are on break from school. You will more than likely save yourself money by moving the cooler months.

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