Independence, MOPreparing for a move is one of the most difficult tasks anyone might have to go through in their life. Fortunately, a moving company can help make your move out of Independence much less stressful on you. If you want to take full advantage of a moving company, find out what their services are. Most moving companies have a number of different features which are meant to take the burden of moving off you.


10 Ways to Make Moving Easier to Handle


1. Gather all of the necessary tools such as a utility knife, boxes, bubble wrap, foam sheets, packing tape, packing paper, and labels.
2. Before you contact a moving company, make sure you start taking inventory of everything you plan on moving.
3. Purge your home of anything you do not want. If you lessen the workload, you can reduce the total cost of transportation.
4. Make sure to inspect the condition of your valuables and document them by taking pictures or video.
5. You can keep the move much more organized by taking apart one room at a time, starting with the largest room in the house.
6. Try not to spend too much on boxes. Many places will have boxes available for you to take for free such as liquor stores or grocery stores.
7. Make sure that all of your boxes are located in a convenient location so that movers will not charge you for long-carry services.
8. Make sure to let the moving company know if you have any property that may require special equipment to transport.
9. Have a realistic timeline. Most moving companies will need to be informed of a move at least one month in advance.
10. Keep all of your boxes on the lower level of your home because some moving companies will charge extra if they have to work up and down stairs.


How to Avoid Moving Injuries

The moving process is one that will force you to use your body. Always make sure to use to proper technique when lifting boxes and never try to lift anything to heavy by yourself. Make sure to take breaks and drink plenty of fluids, especially during the warmer months. Wear the proper clothing such as boots, pants, gloves and eye protection.

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