Jackson, MSRelocating your business from Jackson, Mississippi to another state can be done with the help of a long distance commercial mover. Try to find a professional company that has a wonderful reputation for being punctual, helpful and reliable. This will make the transport of belongings much easier on you.

Movers that specialize in long distance commercial moves will have all of the right equipment and tools to properly conduct relocation. By using a middleman, you can easily find a mover and a low rate quote. They even use the information you provided them with to find a mover that offers services to help you specifically.

Contact a moving company at least five weeks prior to the desired moving date to book the day you prefer. This gives you more time to prepare and organize. In warmer weather months, it may even be more efficient to contact the movers two months ahead of time. If they are a well-known and reliable company, they will book up fast in seasons when moving is prominent.


Helpful Advice


• Create to-do and inventory lists. Keep track of your stuff and the things you must do in order to be ready for the day of relocation.
• Label all boxes appropriately and make sure the marker is permanent to prevent fading during transport.
• Find someone to watch any children or pets that you might have during the loading and unloading process.
• Opt in for as many services offered by the moving company as you can. This will only make the process less controlling of your time.
• Have a small list of questions prepared to ask the moving companies as you call around.
• Get insurance to cover your possessions during transport.
• Cover your floors in plastic to keep them protected as the movers go in and out of the home.
• Have all entryways cleared out and the rooms accessible to the movers.
• Have somewhere safe for the movers to park the truck. If it is on public property, have a permit from the city by the day of the move.
• Get contact information from the driver and ask them when they believe they will arrive at the new address.

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