Jonesboro, ARAs a city that is largely populated by college students, student moves are usually services offered by many Jonesboro moving companies. The services are geared towards moving students out of small apartments and dorm rooms. Skilled movers will have experience in moving property out of these smaller spaces.

When you decide to hire a mover, make sure there is somewhere nearby for them to park. If there isn’t a parking lot or driveway for them to pull into, you may need to acquire a parking permit from the city so that they’re allowed to park in the street or on city property.


The Benefits of Hiring a Small Mover


Hiring a small mover may seem silly to some, but in actuality it can make the entire moving process easier and more successful. The cost of hiring a small mover is usually less expensive in comparison to performing the move on your own. As a student, you may even be eligible for a discount depending on the moving company you go through.

Go with the insurance plan offered through the moving company to assure that your belongings are protected during transit. This will cover anything that needs to be repaired or replaced in case an accident occurs. You could also choose to purchase the full packaging services offered. If you didn’t, make sure you purchase the right materials to pack away your belongings appropriately.


Tips for Student Moves


• Make sure you have all boxes labeled clearly.
• Assure that the movers have somewhere to park and that all entryways are cleared out for them to maneuver and safely conduct the move.
• To cut costs, use old blankets, newspaper, Styrofoam plates, and other similar materials to wrap any breakable items in.
• Make sure you have no classes scheduled during or around moving day.
• Gather friends to help you with the moving process, especially packing.
• Offer drinks and possibly snacks to the movers.
• Keep packing supplies available such as newspaper, boxes, markers, and box tape.
• Use old coffee canisters and other similar objects to store away lose odds and ends.

Student moves can get rather stressful, but by being prepared, you can stay on top of the entire moving process.

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