Juneau, AKFor the inexperienced mover, moving can be the most difficult process of their lives. Moving in Juneau is best left to the professionals because they have the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done easily. Finding the right moving company is another task that might seem a bit stressful, but there are things you can do to find out if your mover is trustworthy.


1. Every reputable moving company will be issued a USDOT number. This number is registered with FMCSA who authorizes moving companies to engage in the transportation of household goods.
2. A reputable moving company must also be insured which the FMCSA makes certain of as well.
3. A reputable moving company is required by law to issue their customers with a pamphlet that containing information about your rights and responsibilities for when you move
4. A reputable moving company will have a dispute settlement program


Questions to Ask Your Mover


• What are your responsibilities if anything in my inventory gets lost or damaged?
• If I have any concerns or questions, what is the best way to contact you before, during and after the moving process?
• How much do you charge per pound?
• Can you provide storage?
• Do you give binding quotes?
• Will my items be transferred?
• What other services are available to me?


Tips on Avoiding Moving Mistakes

Your best bet on not making any mistakes during your move is to be informed and plan ahead. This means asking your moving company questions about anything you have curiosities about. Another way to avoid problems during your move is remembering to never sign any blank documents. Any complaints against your mover might require federal law enforcement to intervene.


What Is a Tariff?

A tariff is a document that includes the rules, regulations, rates and services of the moving company. Your moving professional is responsible for publishing their own tariff which must be issued to their customers upon their request. A reputable moving company will not overcharge you for their services, but if you feel like you were overcharged, you will need to contact the Surface Transportation Board.


Things to Know about Moving Day

After all that organization and preparation, moving day has finally come. It is important that your presence is there from start to finish during move day so that you can answer questions and give direction to the moving professionals. You will receive a number of documents before transportation takes place, make sure to read them thoroughly before you sign anything. Make sure you are present when the movers take inventory of your goods. Before the moving van leaves, make sure to do one final walk through to ensure everything has been removed from the home.

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