KailuaIf you’re moving from your beautiful home in Kailua to a new location across the states, you will want to find a moving company you can trust. Hiring any old moving company won’t do. You will need to find one with a great reputation, years of experience, and all of the right tools to conduct the move safely. By researching the companies in your area and checking their reviews and ratings, you can find one for the job.

After you have narrowed down your search to a few reputable companies around Kailua, contact them for quotes. Ask them questions about their services, insurance packages, and whether or not they are able to provide the right documentation and licenses as an approved business. As you talk with these companies, pay close attention to how the customer service is. They should be friendly, helpful and professional. Don’t just hire the company that offers the lowest quote.


Since You Hired Movers…

Since you hired movers, you are now able to focus on other matters in regards to the move ahead. While movers can package, transport and care for all of your possessions, you will have time to take care of all of the other necessary matters. These might include the following.


• Changing your address
• Finding new schools or jobs
• Finding new physicians
• Opening new bank accounts
• Transferring, opening or closing new utility accounts
• Transferring insurance, memberships, medical and school records, and prescriptions


The Day of the Move…

On the day of the move, make sure that you are ready. Have all of the boxes packed and labeled. Have all entryways free of debris and clutter. Be certain that there is enough space for the truck to be parked or that you obtain a parking permit if the truck must park on city property.
If you have kids or pets, find a sitter for the day so that they aren’t running around as the movers try to load up the truck. Have your inventory list and checklist prepared. Compare the inventory list with that of the mover’s and write down their phone number, as well as the expected date of arrival for the new location.

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