Lafayette, LAIf you are looking to hire a moving professional that can offer great deals and great service, you’ll have a few to choose from in Lafayette, Louisiana. The moving company of your choice may not be available on the date you want to move so be sure to contact them at least one month before you plan on moving. By using a professional moving company, you can have a well organized move for a very affordable price.


Calculating the Cost of Moving

Not every moving company charges the same price for their services which is why it is important for you to gather quotes from a few different services. The weight of your load will be a factor in which an agent determines a quote. If the movers will have to work around steps or travel longer distances from the house to the moving truck, you will more than likely pay an additional fee.

Moving companies will also be able to calculate a price based on how far you will be traveling. If you purchase insurance, you can expect to rise. If you have something in your home that can’t be removed with your moving team’s standard road-haul equipment, you might be subject to additional charges.


Risks of Moving Without Insurance

Moving without insurance is a mistake many people make. It is true that you can rely on your moving professionals to handle your goods with great care, but even with all the necessary safety measures in place accidents can still happen. It doesn’t happen often, but when accidents happen a moving company can only replace an item if the consumer purchased additional coverage.

Any items that get damaged or broken during transportation will be covered to some degree by the company’s standard insurance, but this is rarely ever enough to cover losses. The air-ride trailers moving companies use to transport household goods are designed to absorb vibrations which make accidents less likely to occur. Even if you feel like you did an outstanding packing job on your belongings, don’t make the mistake of transporting your goods without coverage.


Who to Contact about Losses

If you feel like you have been overcharged for services or you discover that something is damaged or broken, contact the representative who scheduled your move. Every moving company should have an arbitration program which is designed to resolve any discrepancies between the moving company and the customer. If you do have a complaint, make sure to give the moving company time to respond. They are typically very hasty about returning phone calls in regards to their service.



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