Lakewood, COThe City of Lakewood is the fifth largest city in all of Colorado. With this being said, there are many great movers in the area designed to help you with any type of move you may have that lies ahead. Moving is a burdensome task that must have all facets addressed in order to go over as smoothly as possible.


Moving Tip and Information


• Always slim your options down by conducting online research about the companies you plan on calling for quotes. Past customers should have given the company outstanding reviews and ratings.
• Any reputable company will be approved by the BBB and have the proper documentation to prove their professionalism.
• Consider using a middleman to gather quotes for you.
• Call and schedule your moving date with a company at least 5 weeks in advance, especially during the warmer weather months where moving is more prevalent.
• Start packing after you schedule the moving day. This only goes for those who did not choose to go with full packing services.
• Label all boxes legibly and take a box count or create a list of inventory.
• Always have extra packaging supplies handy.
• Make sure that there is room for the driver to park the truck and that all entryways in the house are clear and that the movers can maneuver without causing harm to themselves or the property.
• Find a sitter for any children or pets, so that they are not present when the movers are.
• Provide the movers with snacks and refreshments to keep them working hard.
• Check the driver’s route to the new location and compare your inventory list with theirs before they head to the new property.
• Have a checklist created with all that needs to be done in regards to the move. Keep this list on you at all times and check it off as you go down the list.

Moving can be a painstaking process, but with a little knowledge of how the process works, and a lot of organization, moving will go along much smoother. It is easiest to stay organized and on top of everything when you allow skilled movers to help you.

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