Las Cruces-NMWhen moving to a new home, you will more than likely run into a fair share of headaches. Moving companies in Las Cruces can help you avoid the most stressful aspects about moving at a fair cost. While you take care of the more important details for your move, a moving company can take control of all the packing, lifting and hauling.


Questions to Ask the Moving Company


• Will my belongings remain on the same truck throughout the entire duration of the move?
• How do you handle broken or damaged items?
• Do you offer insurance?
• Do you offer binding agreements?
• Does the quote include any hidden fees?
• What is the best method of payment?

What Are My Insurance Options?

Federal law requires that professional moving companies offer their customers two different types of insurance. The first kind of insurance is called basic coverage otherwise known as released value protection. Basic coverage only covers your items up to 60 cents per pound which is rarely enough to cover the full replacement value.

The other kind of insurance that most people tend to purchase is full-value protection. Full value protection will cover at least one percent of the value of the load. For example, if you value your cargo at $100,000 dollars you will pay $1,000 dollars for insurance. If damages should occur or items go missing, the moving company will determine the best way to reimburse you for your losses.


Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects is something that you will more than likely encounter during your move, but there are ways to make heavy lifting safe. Always pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. You should always use the proper tools such as hand trucks when lifting large appliances such as washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.

Make sure not to brace your lower back to much when lifting any object so that you do not acquire an injury. Always test the weight of a box before just picking it up and call for help if the box is too heavy for you to lift by yourself. Consider wearing a back brace to help keep your back stabilized while carrying boxes.

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