Lewsiton, METhere have been many people that successfully transitioned into their new home from Lewiston, Maine by hiring a reputable moving service. A moving company has many features that are designed to make something as complicated as a move into a more manageable task. Other than dreading your move and feeling overwhelmed with stress, trust that a moving company in Lewiston can make this task much more pleasant.


Tips on Moving for the Inexperienced


• Make sure to set realistic timelines- One thing that most moving companies can’t do, is work on short notice. If you know you will be moving, make sure you provide the moving company of your choice at least one month beforehand.
• Rid your home of unnecessary items- Everyone accumulates junk over the years, but you can turn this junk into money by selling those items.
• Use wardrobe boxes- One way to keep things organized during your move is to place all of your clothing inside of wardrobe boxes. These boxes are made so that you can simply lift your clothes out of the closet and easily hang them again inside of the box.
• Pack one room at a time- It is much easier to keep things organized if you pack up one room at a time. Start by packing things up in the largest room of your house and use that room to store your boxes until the scheduled day of transportation.

What to Do If Plans Change During a Move

Moving companies are used to things getting delayed especially during moving season. If you will not be able to meet with your movers on the date of transportation or the date of delivery, make sure to call them right away. In some cases, your moving company will be ahead of schedule and arrive early. If you can’t meet them, no additional expenses will be expected of you.


Conduct a Final Sweep

Even though you will have a lot on your mind on ship day, one thing to not forget is to visit each room one last time. If you are your moving professionals forgot to grab something, you will be able to fix this mistake by double checking every room. Make sure to check closets and cabinets as well. If you keep everything in a designated storage room, your odds of forgetting belongings will drop drastically.

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