Lincoln, NEWhen it comes to moving, the entire process may be weighing heavy on you. Preparing for a move isn’t an easy feat and it best conducted with the assistance of professional movers. When you hire a moving company out of Lincoln, you can assure that your belongings are in careful hands.

It is important that you hire a mover that is known for their professionalism and trustworthiness. By researching local companies online, you can find a mover with a good reputation. Check out the companies’ reviews and ratings. Previous customers with good and bad experiences like to share their knowledge with others who might potentially go through the same company for services.


Things to Ask a Mover before Hiring One


Before you hire the first moving company in Lincoln that pops up in the search engines, make a small list of a couple you would like to call. When you are on the phone with the customer service reps, make sure that you ask any questions that you might have. Below, are some questions that you should always ask when given the opportunity.


• Is your moving company approved by the BBB and supported by all of the proper licensing?
• How long has the company been in the moving industry?
• Do you offer insurance?
• What types of services do you offer?
• Are your employees trained?
• Are employees covered by workman’s comp during the moving process?
• Do you give binding quotes?

By asking questions, you will get a better idea of how helpful and knowledgeable the staff is. They should be friendly and willing to assist you. If they want your business, they will act like it.


Movers Insurance


Getting insurance through your homeowner’s policy to cover your belongings during a move is very unlikely. When a moving company is hired for the job, they more than likely carry different insurance packages for your moving process. A customer service representative will know which insurance package is right for your circumstances.

Having insurance to cover your possessions is always wise. Even the most professional movers could end up in an accident due to another person’s fault. Should your belongings end up lost, stolen or damaged, they will be covered by the movers insurance.

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