Los Angeles, CAProfessional moving companies in Los Angeles can make the moving process go much faster and less stressful. A moving professional is trained on how to properly lift, maneuver and transport objects of all shapes and sizes. Moving services can save you time and help save you from injuring yourself by offering the most up-to-date moving technology.


Consider Purchasing Full-Value Protection

Full-value protection is an insurance option that many people purchase to ensure that all of their belongings are covered to their full replacement value. If an item goes missing or gets destroyed while in the care of the mover, the mover is required to repair the item to the condition it was in before transportation or they will pay to replace the object. If you plan on transporting items of extraordinary value such as firearms, furs or gems, make sure to inform your moving professional.


What are Impracticable Operations?

You may be subject to this additional charge if the mover is required to put in extra labor or call in for special equipment for objects that are nearly impossible to maneuver. In some cases, it is necessary for the mover to provide this service even if their customers do not request it. If you believe you have a piece of equipment that requires special equipment to move, make sure to notify your mover right away.


What is Storage-In-Transit?

A moving company may place your property in a warehouse if your home is not quite ready to be occupied. Your items also might be placed in a warehouse if you fail to meet the mover at the drop-off location on the scheduled date of arrival. Your mover might also place your property in a storage facility if they arrive to the destination earlier than expected, but you do not consent to the delivery. In this case, the mover is required to pay for the full cost of redelivery and transportation costs.


Who to Contact for Complaints

Professional moving services usually respond to questions or complaints about their services promptly. If you are filing an insurance claim, make sure to contact the agent who scheduled your move. Before the ship day, make sure that all of the items you intend to transport are documented on a legible inventory sheet.

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