ManhattanWhen going about hiring a moving company, make sure to collect quotes from a few different moving services. Manhattan has a number of moving companies that are competing for your business, but make sure to choose wisely before signing any contracts. There are shady movers out there that claim great service for unbeatable prices, but if it sounds too good to be true than it most likely is.

Make sure to keep create a moving folder to store all of your quotes, receipts and other documents that you will receive during your move. Before contacting a moving company, try to evaluate how large the move will be by documenting the materials you wish to transport to your new home. Moving companies will take the size of the move into consideration when determining a final total for their services.


Preparing a Refrigerator for Transportation

When it comes to transporting a refrigerator to a new home, you will want to make sure that you begin consuming all of your perishables. Moving companies require that your refrigerator is cleaned out, defrosted and that all the shelves are removed. The power chord should be coiled up and taped in a tight bundle and if your refrigerator has an ice maker make sure to disconnect it from the water source.


Consider Moving During the Fall Months

Moving companies are the busiest during the summer months because children are off school and the weather doesn’t pose as much of a threat. The summer might seem like a more convenient time to move, but you may be subject to higher fees. In some cases, moving companies can be of assistance on shorter notice in the fall months since this is when the off season begins.


How Are Items Protected During Transportation

Moving professionals have state-of-the-art cargo straps to help keep things in place while household goods are being transported. Moving professionals understand how to construct a perfect wall with your boxes that will remain stable while in transit. It is important to separate fragile items from non-fragile items so that they can be loaded last.

If you are dealing with a reputable moving company, your belongings should remain on the same vehicle during the shipping process. Air-ride trailers are another thing that will keep your belongings from getting damaged. If you are about to embark on a long distance move, you will more than likely be stopping to rest along the way. Always be sure to keep your doors locked and don’t leave valuables in a visible location.

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