Metairie, LAProfessional moving companies will assist you in moving out of Metairie and into your new home. Regardless of the distance, moving companies will be able to provide the proper transportation solutions. A professional company will be able to give you direction if you have no experience with moving.

They can provide you with a checklist that tells you the necessary steps to take when attempting to move. There are many benefits to hiring a moving company such as additional manpower for moving household goods, state-of-the art packing supplies and affordable rates. If you are concerned about the cost of transportation, an agent will be more than happy to work with you.

How to Transport Chemicals

If you plan on transporting chemicals such as household cleaners, make sure you inform your moving company. Whenever chemicals are transported different regulations must be followed in order to avoid an accident. The best way to transport chemicals would be to place them inside of a plastic container and put into a personal vehicle.


Tips on Small Moves

Moving companies aren’t just there to help with large scale moves. They can provide the same service for people who wish to transport very little. Smaller moves are also much easier to schedule than larger moves so depending on how small your move is, the moving company might be able to work on short notice.


• Make an inventory sheet
• Document the condition of your valuables
• Make sure to label all of your boxes
• Arrange parking for moving trucks
• Label boxes clearly and make sure to include which room they will be going in.

Information about Requesting Additional Services

Usually, you will request the services you desire on the day you receive your quote. Your Bill of Landing is a receipt that includes all of the services your movers will be providing or have provided, but this can be altered if you request additional services. Once the move has been completed, your mover will take note of any additional services and include them into the final total.


Be Ready for Move Day

Your moving crew will expect your items to be packaged and ready for transportation. When they arrive to your home, the signer or the cosigner will need to be present before the movers can begin working. They will go over you inventory and document your belongings on an inspection report sheet which you will sign off on.

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