Minneapolis, MNOne of the most stressful matters we may ever come across in our lives is moving. It is a time consuming process that requires labor and attention detail, among other things. Fortunately, you can lower the stress level and give yourself more time to pay attention to other matters such as job and school transfers by hiring a mover from the area.

When you learn that you must move out of Minneapolis, it is best to hire a mover at least five weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of opportunity to get ready for moving day. Depending on whether or not you chose to opt in for full service packing, you will want to begin the packing process after you schedule the moving date with a reputable mover.


Packing Tips

When it comes to packing, it must be done carefully and with organization. You don’t want to end up losing or breaking something. To conduct the process properly, you will want to purchase the appropriate packing supplies.

Gather assorted boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, box tape, scissors, a razor, and permanent markers to get the process done the right way and to avoid any possible mishaps. In most cases, you can purchase these supplies directly from the movers. Make sure that as you pack, you do so by room or item category. Then, label all boxes appropriately with the rooms they are to go in at the next location.

As you pack, create a list of inventory. This could be a simple box count per room or you can be more detailed. Usually, the movers will create a list as well. It is best to compare the lists to make sure everyone is on track. Then, when all of the belongings arrive at their new home, check them off to make sure everything made it through the transport.

If a mover feels that the boxes are not properly packed, they can repack them. They do not want to be at fault if something were to break. If the packing is poor, items are more likely to break during the transport.

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