Minot-NDWith the help of some handy road-haul gear and the necessary manpower, you can have your household goods transported without incident. Professional moving companies in Minot are ready to help you get your home emptied and capable of transporting your household goods safely. All too often, people think that their items won’t be looked after better by anyone, but themselves. However, accidents can happen even with all of the proper steps in place, but the odds of damages occurring while under the care of a moving company drops drastically.


Talking to Moving Companies

Before you get roped into signing a contract with just anyone, make sure to sort through all of your options. Some moving companies are better than others and have lower rates. Make sure to inform the moving company about all the aspects of your home and of any items that may need special attention. Tell the moving company that you do not want your items being transported onto another moving truck at any point during the move.

Never schedule a move date with a moving company that gives out non-binding estimates. These moving companies are known to have little to no integrity and will subject their customers to much higher fees than what they were originally quoted over the phone. If the person you are speaking with over the phone doesn’t provide you with enough insight about how the operation works, hang up and try another moving company.


How Do Moving Companies Accept Payment?

Reputable moving companies can accept many different forms of payment such as cash, credit card or check. Usually, the moving company will give you the choice of paying at origin or at the destination. If you are paying by check, the amount cannot exceed $12,000 even if you are using two different accounts.

Before making a payment, the moving company will need to confirm your identity which the can do by looking at your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or military ID. Moving companies will not accept starter checks or checks without a physical address. Moving companies also require that if you are paying by check, that the institution is within the confines of the United States.

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