NampaJust by looking around your home, you might start to reconsider moving. Moving is a big job and most people don’t ever want to have to go through it. If you find that plans in your life have changed and it requires you to move, you can recruit the assistance from moving professionals in Nampa to help you get this task accomplished.


Common Moving Mistakes


• Failing to plan ahead- Regardless of the size of the move, make sure to plan well in advance before the day you plan to move. A moving company will need 30 days notice before they can be of service.
• Have the proper packing supplies- A moving company has the right to refuse the transportation of any items that aren’t packed properly. A moving company can offer a repacking solution, but this will be an additional fee.
• Failing to meet on scheduled dates- Contact your moving professional if there will be any changes in plans on the date you will be arriving to your new home. A moving service does not have permission to provide their services unless the person who signed for the move or the co-signer is present.
• Hiring the wrong mover- Before you hire a mover, always do some research on the company you are interested in. There are many reputable moving services that will provide excellent services, but there are some shady movers out there as well. Ask for references, check out their website and never pay until their services have been provided.


Definitely Purchase Insurance

Even with all of the best packing supplies on the market, accidents can happen when transporting household goods. A moving company will offer standard insurance, but it is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of expensive losses. If you purchase full coverage, you moving company is required to restore the item to its former condition before it was damaged. If they cannot mend the item, they are required to replace it entirely.


Filing an Insurance Claim

If you find damages to any of your items after a move, contact the agent that scheduled the move. Reputable moving companies are usually very prompt with returning calls and hasty about resolving any issues with their services. It is important to make sure that you take detailed notes, photographs and video footage of the condition of your items before transportation in order to support your case in the event of a discrepancy.

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