NapervilleWith all of the moving companies that exist within the Naperville and surrounding regions, there is no doubt that you will find a mover that adequately meets your needs. Moving companies often offer an array of services. These services might include commercial or residential moves, full packaging services, military or student moves, and long distance moving. Different types of moves call for different planning processes. They also call for different pieces of moving equipment, and quite possibly different trucks. The professionals will know exactly how to handle your move.

When you begin gathering quotes, make sure that you ask if the quote is binding. Nonbinding quotes are an estimate of how much the cost will actually be. Most of the time, reputable movers will come to your home to see how much there is to be relocated. They will then decide on a binding quote. If the movers gave you a quote over the phone or Internet, more than likely the quote is nonbinding. This could become as hassle in the future. It is best to come to a binding agreement and sign a contract right away.


Moving Day Preparation Checklist

Organization is key to a successful move. This means, that you should be prepared for the big day as much as possible. Start by making sure all of the following matters are addressed.


1. All boxes are packed and clearly labeled.
2. Any boxes that are not to be loaded onto the mover’s truck are set aside.
3. Anything the kids might need or want during the moving process is set aside and ready for them.
4. All hazardous materials were thrown away according to the city’s regulations.
5. Everything is out of the way of the movers and parking is accessible.
6. Children and pets have a babysitter for the entire day.
7. You ask the movers the route they plan on taking to the next destination. You compare checklists. You have a phone number to contact them and are aware of their expected arrival at the next destination.
8. You have drinks and food prepared for the movers so that they can work without disruptions.

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