New Haven, CTAfter you have decided that you will be moving out of New Haven, the next thing you will want to do is contact a moving company. Moving companies work on strict timelines, so make sure you have realistic expectations when it comes to scheduling a ship day. Typically, a moving company will need at least 30 days notice before they can assist you with a move.

Patience is a big part of achieving a successful move. If you need to move on short notice, a moving company might be able to provide their services, but you will be subject to higher fees. After you have scheduled a ship date, the next part of the moving process is to determine what you will be taking with you.


Document the Condition of Your Property

It is very important that you document the condition of your property before you place it in the hands of a moving professional. You should construct a well organized and legible packing list that includes everything you plan on transporting as well as the condition of the items. Another way to document the condition of your items is to take photos and video.

Your moving professional will also have their own inspection report sheet that will be filled out before your items are loaded onto the moving van. Make sure to give your mover a copy of your inventory sheet and have them sign off on it. This document will be necessary if you need to file an insurance claim.


How to Handle Lost or Broken Items

The only way to ensure that your items are fully covered is to purchase full coverage insurance. Moving companies are required to have certain insurance in order to legally transport household goods across state lines. Basic coverage will come at no cost to you, but if an item gets lost or broken the moving company is not obligated to replace or repair the object.

If you have full coverage, your moving professional is required to repair the broken item to the condition it was in before transportation or replace the item if it is too far gone. If you have a complaint, make sure to give your moving company some time to reply before taking legal action. A reputable moving service will make sure to respond to you promptly.

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