North Charleston- SCNorth Charleston is a beautiful and lively historical city. Nevertheless, it is time to start planning for relocation. While this may or may not be something you are looking forward to, it has to be done. A move is nearly always best conducted by professionals. They will handle all of your belongings with care and their objective is to get the items from one location to the other without harm.

Moving is never easy. The time it takes to prepare along with all of the matters that must be addressed can make it difficult on anyone especially when they have their daily routines to carry out. It is best that you keep a list of things to be done before the relocation to help you stay on task.


Moving Day Checklist

• Find a reliable mover in Charleston. One with the right services, great reviews, and the proper licensing and business approval.
• Conduct job, utility, school and medical transfers.
• Create a list of inventory.
• Find a sitter for kids and pets on moving day.
• Make sure all is packed up and ready to be moved by the time the movers arrive.
• Have the house cleaned and ready to be entered by the movers.
• Make sure there is parking for the professionals when they arrive. If they must park on public property, have a permit from the city ready.
• Have drinks and snacks ready for the movers if you can.
• Carry cash on you during the loading, transport and unloading processes.
• Gather contact numbers from the movers. Compare inventory lists.

Being prepared for the move in the best way possible is always wise and will only ensure a smoother move. When you pack up everything in time and all items are packaged up securely and with the right materials, this is perhaps the greatest thing you can do to be ready for a move.

Movers will repack anything they feel isn’t secure enough. Do not overfill boxes and make them too heavy because they will be at risk for bottoming out which can cause for the items to fell out and break. It is also a good idea to mark any boxes with delicate items as “Fragile.”

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